Clarence turned to the Dark Side
Weird Things is a song that features in the episode "Lil Buddy", composed and sung by Simon Panrucker. The song is a parody of Strange Things by Randy Newman (from the 1995 animated film Toy Story).


I used to be the king of the classroom, now I'm just a fool
I used to be respected, now I'm the reject of the school
I used to run this rabble, now they all run around me
I used to be the president of the playground, now I'm doing lousy

Life has lost it's color and darkness surrounds me
(Feeling cruddy, I miss my little buddy)
Feel like I've lost a brother and nobody's found me another, they lost me
(Nobody loves me)
Now everything seems so ugly
(So ugly)
I'm feeling cruddy, I miss my little buddy

Now weird stuff is going on
I said weird stuff is going on around me
I said weird stuff is going on
I don't even recognize myself

External links

The song on Simon Panrucker's Soundcloud

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