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Clarence - Uptight as Jeff (song)01:14

Clarence - Uptight as Jeff (song)

Uptight as Jeff is a song in Clarence. It was heard in "Jeff Wins".


Sometimes my life can be a bit on edge.
When things don't go my way.

(Where's that music coming from?)

And all I want to do is hide behind life's hedge. Or lie down to decay.

But all and all -
When I feel small,
and want to run away,

I just think of these key words to brighten up my day!

At least I'm not as uptight as you, Jeff.
At least I'm not uptight, and don't give up a fight when I'm playing with my toys,
or acting like a chef;
(Okay, little rude)
At least I'm not as uptight as you,
At least I don't fix my hair with glue,
(That was one time)
Take it away, Sumo!
(Sumo, where'd you come from?)

At least I'm not uptight,
At least I'm not uptight,
At least I'm not uptight like Jeff!

Blah, Blah, Blah, I like soup
Blah, Blah, Blah, Lets make food

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