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Ms.Baker: "The animals danced and feasted a rare night of revelry in the bleak Mardryinian winter. Suddenly, Mrs. Higgles' whiskers began tingling. " [Yawns] 'Something isn't right,' she said. 'I sense it, too,' said Soothlian McTarver. The old gopher sniffed the ground inquisitively. " - Oh! Oh! A-Are - "But unbeknownst to our heroes" Are the animals real? [Students groaning] No, Percy, again, this is just a story. It's not real. Is he old enough to be in this class? - Ohh. - Percy. Hey, Percy. I think it would be cool if they were real, too. Me, too! [Both giggling] [Knocks on door] [dog barking in distance] Hey, Percy. Thanks for having me over. I brought some celery. [Gasps] [Munches] Hey, want to see a surprise? Welcome to the legend of animal town! [Pigeon coos] Look I got us all these animals. [Giggling] I made us a little animal world, just like - you were talking about in class. - Ohh! Aww! And now it's real just like you wanted. [Giggling] - How did you find them? - Well, young Percius [Upbeat music plays] [lizard groans] [Pigeon coos] Ah! Y-You're fine. You're fine. I tried to put a cape on this guy, but he wouldn't really let me. [Pigeon coos] Hey, should we give them names? No, they have to name themselves!! Oh, okay, uh, uh, that makes sense. What are we waiting for? Let's have an adventure! [Pbht! Hiss!] So, our heroes take off by ship. Uh but the remembered flying was better. [Giggles] Where are you? Where'd those little beetle guys go? [Funk music plays] A-Are you getting hungry? Check it out. My mom gave me 20 pizza dollars. She said that I can get my own pizza now - 'cause I'm a big, responsible boy. - Can we bring our friends? Aw, yeah! Let's bring them Wait, I really want to do that, but Okay, Clarence, I'm going to book club. Now, remember, if you're gonna do anything creative just keep it in the garage, okay, hon? - Sorry, buddy. - Ohh [lizard grunting] We'll have plenty of adventures after pizza. [Enchanting music plays] E-E-Excuse me. Is it safe? It doesn't look safe. Oh, I'm so famished. Could this be it the prophecy of the feast finally? Oh, was that me? [Laughs] Wow. Anyway, today may be the day we finally fill our bellies. [Laughs] Still clutching to your fairy tales, old man? - Fartholomew! - Isn't it obvious why we're here, hm? We're here because the pink one locked us up! Fartholomew, Xavius, please. I must get back to my sons. Help me find a way out of here. Both: Hmph! Okay, all right. Uh, tell me more about this pizza supreme. Uh-huh. Yeah, I saw that on a commercial. Uh-huh. Mm-hmm. [Enchanting music plays] Wow. What? [Laughs] You really are cooking up some amazing things over there. [Music stops] We should see if our friends want anything special. What? Frie Wait. Wait. Hold on, Jeremy. Hold on. We're not playing that right now. Oh, no, no. Not you, Jeremy. I never play games with you. Mm-hmm. [Laughs] Stop. What? No, you hang up. Okay. The only way out is the way the pink one keeps us locked in. Cookie: [laughs] Coo! Leave it to old Cookie. Hm. It's locked. [Grunts] I'm stuck! [Bing-Bong! Rumble!] Uh, wha what's that? Oh, no. We're doomed. [Doorbell ringing] He really came. [Grunts] We called pizza to our house. [Giggles] We're the moms now. Hello, big, responsible pizza man. I'm a big boy, too. - Yeah, here's your pizza. - Thank you, sir. - Here, Percy. - Warm! - That's Percy. - Yeah. It's gonna be $16. 25. Dang it. I'll be right back. Here we go. - Okay, one, two, more for you - Oh, come on. Oh, sorry. This is such a mess. Let me just straighten these out for you here. [Giggles] Hm? [Enchanting music plays] Ohh Clarence: 6, 7 rhymes with 11, - 12, 13 - Dale: No, come on, kid. You're counting wrong. Just here, let me count. [Giggling] Steady, you nincompoops! [Grunting] It's okay, dear. You tried. You rest now. Rest. Just a little further. [Grunting, gasps] Oh, my. [All scream] [Crash!] [Creak!] Hi, friends. I brought you a feast. All right, show me the "bespeckled" president. Uh, that one. That one's Pirate Lincoln. Guess again. Oh, man. I got to go. Oh, um, why don't you just take them all? Sweet. Oh, I'm gonna blow this later. Just made my night. Percy? [Enchanting music plays] [laughter] Luxury! Sheer luxury! [Laughs] [Laughs] Food! [Giggling] [Music stops] Percy? [Music resumes] My children shan't go hungry this winter. You're my hero, Percius. - May I kiss your tail, Percius? - No!! Keep dancing! [Music stops] [Percy grunting] [Dramatic tones play] Percy, no! Get out of here. Shoo! Move it, squirrel. Get out of here! Go! Shoo! - Feast! Feast! Feast! - Percy! Pizza's not for animals. It's people food for us. [Coughing] Uh, it's okay. [Farts] [Giggles] Bubbles. - All done. - Done! Yay! [Giggles] Ooh! Clarence, are you gonna kick out all the animals? Not tonight. [Grunting] I'll just let them go in the morning. - But why can't we keep them? - 'Cause they're animals. They got to be outside and find their own food and stuff. But I like the animals. I know. Good night, buddy. Mwah. [Snoring] Night-night. Face it, Xavius we're through! Perhaps the pink one will throw another feast. - Or something - Nonsense. There is no love in the pink one's heart. Fartholomew, you survived the dark times. What would you have us do? Ohh, he hates us he keeps us on the ground maybe it is time - # t'was the other way around # - What's he doing? in the house [thunder crashes] on the road there's a tyrant sitting smugly on his throne see him laugh, ha-ha-ha - # see him sneer # - Oh, yes. the only thing he covets are your tears All: # and, ohh, the pink one # Both: # he's a warlock # - He's a jailer - He's not fun. [Animals murmur] - # he tries to break our spirits # - # he must be defeated # end the boy [Snoring] All: # end the boy, end the boy # end the boy, end the boy end the boy, end the boy end the boy - # end the boy, end the boy # - This way! end the boy, end the boy - # end the boy, end the boy # - Grab your swords! and, ohh, the pink one - He's twisted! - # he's evil # He's a bad friend! All: # and, ohh, the pink one # [Singsong voice] The mighty mighty, mighty, mighty pink one. - # he's clever, insane # - # we'll end him all the same # All: # end the boy # Let's go get him! end the boy, end the boy end the boy, end the boy - # end the boy, end the boy # - Aah! Aah! Aah! Aah! Aaaah! Aaaaaah! Aah! Ohh! [Singing indistinctly] No, no! Oh, no, no! Clarence: Oh, gosh, this is supposed to be the garage. - # end the boy, end the boy, end the boy # - [grunts] Get out of here! All of you shoo! Shoo! Go! You, too. [Groans] Aah! [Grunts] - Yes, so much for the prophecy. - The prophecy lives! There is another. [Static crackling] [Snoring] [enchanting music plays] Hey, hey, it's all right buddy. [Whimpering] I got some secret cereal. See? It's good. Mmm. What's the matter? You don't like cereal? [Crying] I want to I want to live in I want to live in someplace magical, but I but I live in Aberdale! [Sobbing] I want to live with Xavius and Diana, and I want to fulfill the prophecy of the feast and go to the mouse wedding! [Sobbing] Did you come up with all that yourself? Yes!! Yes, I made it up! - None of it's real, okay?! - Okay. Okay. [Sobbing] Well, do you think you could start over? [Sniffles] "And the animals feasted and feasted for 100 winters. " The end. Okay. Not sure why I let you read that, But, uh, come on guys, let's hear it for Percy's little story he made up. [Scattered applause] So dumb. - It was real. - It really happened. They don't know. It was real. [Groans] What is he, your baby? Why don't you two just go get [Grunting] [Screams] [Laughter] All right, Mr. Bugsby! [Chuckles] Go! [Screaming] [Sighs] A bug could really settle down here. There's so much space. THE END.=====

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