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The Substitute is the 21st episode of season 2, the 72nd episode overall of Clarence.


A substitute teacher causes chaos, and Clarence must find Mrs. Baker to restore order.


The episode begins with Miss Baker preparing her cicadas. When she reaches the class, everything is a lack of control. Clarence is surprised to see the cicadas and starts to touch her jar, then Miss Baker makes them all return to their places and presents their cicadas, but quickly has to end because Mr. Reese calls her into the room teachers and rings the sound of physical education.

There, Miss Baker talks to Miss Shoop about her exhaustion at school, so she hands him two vouchers for the Aberdale Spa and takes her to the spa.

When Miss Julep arrives to the class, attendance passes, but they all begin to deceive her and Jeff tells him that he must be "the new teacher".

Clarence and Mr. Reese are going to find Miss Baker at the Spa. There, Ms. Baker is somewhat disturbed by the school, although she quickly relaxes, Clarence tells her everything that goes on in the class, then Mr. Reese takes Miss Baker back to school. There, everything becomes a runaway again and she orders the children to line up.

Ms. Baker and the children make a round on the lawn outside the school. Cicadas hatch and fly, but a bird eats one of the cicadas. Clarence asks that other things eat that bird, Miss Baker begins to explain some things about the bird and the episode ends.


Main Characters

Minor Characters


  • This is Ms. Julep's first major role.
  • Ms. Shoop mentions that she's been teaching for 49 years in this episode.

Cultural References

  • The video game sytem Belson is holding resembles a Game Boy Advance SP.
  • Also the game console that Belson and others were playing resembles the Nintendo Wii.
  • Ms. Julip references the Universal Channel when she attempts to change the channels on the TV.

Character Connection

  • Mr. Reese's first name is revealed to be Jim.



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