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Dare Day is the 24th episode of Season 3, the 114th episode overall of Clarence.


With Jeff on vacation, Sumo and Clarence challenge each other to increasingly absurd and extreme dares.


The episode begins with Clarence, Sumo and Jeff walking, when Sumo finds a piece of Frisbee and challenges Clarence to throw it, he accepts and throws it. Then he challenges Sumo to put his shirt on his head and he does it. Both challenge Jeff, but he says he wants to play "Challenge or truth", however Sumo tells him that they are just challenges. Jeff refuses, and Sumo calls him a chicken. and tells him that nothing is worse than being a "chicken". Inside Chicken Rough Riders, the guys look at their orders, but Jeff says they forgot to put their ketchup, but you see Sumo hiding his ketchup. Jeff leaves and asks Sumo to take care of his suitcase, but opening his bag, throws his burger to the floor, then Clarence challenges him to eat it, Sumo eats it and says he likes it. Now he challenges Clarence to eat his fries with the drink, Clarence does it and Jeff arrives. Jeff is annoyed because they are still playing that game, Sumo challenges Clarence again, and this time he tells him to use all of Jeff's Ketchup.

Clarence smears the fried potato with the ketchup, but it also falls on his face. Clarence apologizes, but Jeff gets up and goes off to make the queue again. Meanwhile, Clarence and Sumo continue to play challenges, and Clarence challenges him to make Jeff smile. Sumo refuses, but Clarence calls him a chicken and Sumo accepts. He goes where Jeff, who is in the ice cream machine, tickles him, but Jeff pushes back to Mr. Reese. Jeff returns to the seat with his friends and shouts at them, but the others only think about opening their toys. Unable to open them, Jeff helps them, and tells them how they could live without him, and recommends that if they plan to do anything, first ask "Would Jeff do this?"

In that, one of Jeff's mothers arrives to pick it up and go to your vacation trip to Madrid. After being left alone, Clarence and Sumo continue to play challenges. Sumo challenges Clarence to drink soda directly from the machine for 5 minutes, Clarence remembers Jeff's message, but then it does not matter. Clarence takes the soda from the machine, but the Cashier throws it with Sumo from the restaurant. Then, both challenge themselves to "tests" increasingly complicated and risky. Until in one of his challenges, Clarence challenges Sumo to call Mr. Reese and say "I love you".

Then fulfill it, they continue to challenge even more dangerous things. Meanwhile, in Madrid, Jeff continues to enjoy his vacation with his family. But then he wonders what Clarence and Sumo are doing. Back with the boys, Clarence is hurt, and Sumo asks if he wants to rest, but he refuses. When Chelsea suddenly appears and challenges them to jump from the tree house to an inflatable pool with mud, juggling eggs. Clarence accepts, and prepares to launch, but Sumo asks if he is really sure he wants to do it. Sumo reminds him of what Jeff said, but Clarence says he does not remember and asks Sumo to call him.

He calls, but finds the phone busy. Meanwhile, Chelsea and Mavis tell Clarence he is a chicken for not jumping, Sumo arrives and asks him if he is sure, Clarence responds yes and throws himself. But the rope breaks and falls to the floor. Later in the hospital, Sumo apologizes to Clarence for challenging him to extreme tests and promises that he will not challenge him again, Clarence calls him a chicken, Sumo accepts him and they both smile. However, the doctor says that he is not a chicken and tries to meet the challenge, but can not achieve it and ends up destroying the whole room. Finally, Clarence asks Sumo to write on his plaster and the episode ends.


Main Characters

Minor Characters


Character Connection

  • It's the first time Jeff goes on vacation.
  • Jeff goes on vacation to Madrid.
  • It's the second time Clarence ends up in the hospital.
  • It is also the first time that Sumo ends up seriously injured.
  • Apparently, Kevin and Sammy were also on vacation in Madrid, as they were seen where Jeff and his family were passing.
  • Maybe Clarence and Sumo's challenge game lasted several days, because when Jeff was in Spain, they were still playing.


  • It is episode number 14 in using the same style of title card.
  • While Clarence opens his toy, you can see the same toy as the Sumo's Cowtoy.




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