Skyler Page is the creator of Clarence and was also the original voice of Clarence. He was a writer for the episode, "Fun Dungeon Face Off". Other then Clarence he voiced many other character like Nathan, Blaide , Mr. Reese, and Larry . He was previously a storyboard artist for Adventure Time (during Seasons 2-5) as well as revisionist for Peter Browngardt's Secret Mountain Fort Awesome before creating Clarence.

On July 3, 2014, Skyler Page was fired from Cartoon Network for having a mental breakdown (caused by his Bipolar after allegations of sexual harassment.) A Cartoon Network spokesperson said that the show, which is still in its first season, will continue. In October 2014, it was announced that Spencer Rothbell voices Clarence as well as Blaide (only in season 2) for the remainder of Season 1 and for Season 2.

Characters Voiced (formerly)


  • In an interview, Skyler explained that Clarence is a fictionalized account of his and the crew's childhood.
  • Jeff Rowe, whom the character Jeff is based on, said on his Tumblr page that Skyler is currently in the hospital seeking medical treatment for his Bipolar 1 disorder:
  • In 2013 he was nominated for an Emmy for the Pilot of Clarence.
  • Supposedly he did other stuff like putting up cigarrettes up his nose and running around shirtless. There are no videos or photos related to the incident but it is certain that it happened through posts made by Emily Partridge, Patrick Harpin and Jeff Rowe (where the character of Jeff came from)
  • In 2016 a friend of Skyler named Mike Toole revealed what Skyler actually did, according to Mike, Skyler stuck an ET Hand near Emily's crotch, which in result got him fired.

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