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Season 3 is the show's third and the final season of Clarence (series). The actual date as well as the actual number of episodes of the season is unknown, the season will start on February 10, 2017, starting with the episode "Valentimes".


The 3rd season has been announced quietly without any official news about the show season rewenal, it follows after Season 2 ended with 39 episodes total, while the other episodes, such as Sumo Goes West, Clarence for President, and Clarence Loves Shoopy, were originally part of Season 2 episodes, was originally going to air between November 28th to December 2nd, but were postpone indefinitely, which apparently these episodes were seperate completely, Around between Mid to Late January, the Showrunner announced that season 3 will start on February 10th, with two new episodes (Sumo Goes West and Valentimes), following a week after Pizza Hero (a season 2 finale episode)

According to Spencer Rothbell, who speculated that in Sumo Goes West, is where Sumo and the other two kids who are no longer goes to Aberdale Elementary, but were being sent to West Aberdale Elementary.

On March 30, the show was not mentioned nor listed at the Cartoon Network Upfront 2017-18, an indication that is official that Season 3, is the last season of Clarence (series)[1]

Also the production of the season is completed as of March 31, 2017, as Spencer Rothbell stated that the remaining sets of episodes will air through until 2018. [2]

No. In Season Title Card Title Airdate Prod. code
1 Screenshot (1210)

Sumo Goes West[3] February 10, 2017 301
Clarence learns his best friend Sumo may transfer to another school! It’s up to Clarence to protest, petition and rally to convince everyone to let Sumo stay – or face losing his closest school pal!
2 Valentimes TC

Valentimes February 10, 2017 [4] 302
When Clarence notices his teacher Ms. Baker is the only one in class left without a Valentine this year, he decides to enlist the help of Sumo to set her up with Sumo's teacher, Mr. Mozer.
3 Screenshot (2613)

Clarence for President February 17, 2017 303
It’s school election time at Aberdale Elementary, and Jeff is once again determined to become Class President. However, like previous years, he’s unsuccessful in connecting with other kids, that is until he sees a shoe-in puppet President, the lovable Clarence!
4 Screenshot (2599)

Rock Show February 24, 2017 304
Chad’s band Dogmon, plays a show for the first time in years, giving Clarence and Mary a chance to really rock out.


Clarence Loves Shoopy TBA 305
When Clarence learns that the recess proctor is his neighbor, he sets out to find her some friends of her own.






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