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Opening Theme

Fun Dungeon Face Off

Pretty Great Day with a Girl

Money Broom Wizard

Lost in the Supermarket

Clarence's Millions

Clarence Gets a Girlfriend

Jeff's New Toy

Dinner Party


Dollar Hunt

Man of the House

Puddle Eyes

Dream Boat

Slumber Party

Nature Clarence

Average Jeff

Lizard Day Afternoon

The Forgotten

Neighborhood Grill

Belson's Sleepover

Too Gross For Comfort

Pilot Expansion

Rough Riders Elementary

Nothing Ventured

Bedside Manners

Jeff Wins


Turtle Hats

Goldfish Follies

Straight Illin


Hoofin' It


Lil' Buddy

Tuckered Boys

Water Park

Breehn Ho!

The Big Petey Pizza Problem

The Break Up

In Dreams


Spooky Boo

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