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Pilot Gallery Transcript

The Pilot is a 7 minute clip of the Cartoon Network series Clarence. It was originally released on the Cartoon Network website on May 21, 2013, and it remained there until April 2014, when the series premiered. It aired on television after the Hall of Game Awards on February 17, 2014. This pilot was later re-released as Pilot Expansion, with an additional features such as an alternative ending.


Clarence is a new kid in school who can't wait to make new friends. When he hosts a party at his house, only the wild Sumo and uptight Jeff show up, but Clarence shows them both how to have fun - the Clarence way.


The pilot begins with Mrs. Bernstein introducing the new kid, Clarence. Clarence tries to boost his popularity and make new friends by having a sleepover at his house. Clarence passes out hand made invitations to the entire class, including his teacher, Mrs. Bernstein. When Clarence arrives home, he finds dozen of pizza poppers made by his mom and believes no one is coming to the sleepover. She has a party at a friends so she leaves Clarence alone and kisses him goodbye. A short time passes by, and Clarence gets a phone call from Jeff. Jeff says he'll come to Clarence's house around 5:00 P.M. Then, Jeff comes over, and Clarence shows him all the things they can do. Jeff doesn't want to do anything, and instead decides to watch a trivia show while Clarence plays along. Just then, Sumo comes over, and asks Clarence if he can cut his hair. Clarence agrees to do this and cuts his hair in his tree fort. While on the tree fort, the basket falls down and breaks. Sumo looks at Jeff and asks Clarence why Jeff isn't playing. Sumo and Clarence then ultimately decide to show Jeff how to have fun. They do this by dressing up in gothic clothes and makeup walking into the living room dancing to a boombox. Sadly, this doesn't work, since Jeff is a germophobe. Chad enters the room, drinks milk straight from the gallon and watches TV with Jeff. Clarence and Sumo decides to trick Jeff using a sudoku book and forces him into a prank call. Jeff then discovers that the call is to the police and tries to confess before Clarence and Sumo quickly takes the phone and deflect the police's attention. After that, a clock rings so for the mystery piñata. Jeff gets happy and said he wants to break Clarence's "mystery piñata", so Clarence and Sumo blind-folded him. Sumo then realizes what's in the piñata after Clarence dropped a number of hints. Sumo tries to stop Jeff who eventually breaks the piñata to reveal a swarm of bees. Sumo and Jeff start to freak out. In the living room, Belson is peeping through the window and saying that is does actually look fun, but the police and fire fighters come bursting in and say that they are looking for the crook. Just to find Clarence, Jeff and Sumo running from Clarence's room with a swarm of bees chasing after them. But the bees attack the cop and the firefighter shoots water at the cops face hoping the bees will go away. Later, Clarence Jeff and Sumo are seen at the couch shirtless and with bee stings while eating ice cream, Clarence apologizes but Jeff and Sumo aren't mad. They talk while the episode ends.


Major Characters

Minor Characters


  • The color of Debbie's shirt, hair, and shoes changes right before Clarence hands out custom invitations.


  • On July 20, 2013, Cartoon Network released a shortened version of the pilot to their official Facebook page, and onto their YouTube channel.
  • This takes place in Prescott, AZ and Jeff said he was going to Lincoln Elementary School, which is a real-life school in Prescott.

Differences between the Pilot and The Series

  • There were some major differences between the Pilot and the final version of the series:
    • The class looked smaller than it was later in the series.
    • The School would later be renamed as Aberdale Elementary in the final version.
    • Sumo and Belson was originally voiced by Jason Marsden in this pilot.
    • Some characters had some minor changes to the final version.
    • Clarence's house was far wider and more well-furnished than it was in the series
    • Belson used to originally live next to Clarence, but in "Lizard Day Afternoon", he currently lives in the mansion, and that house was later appeared in "Chalmers Santiago", where it was used as his personal hideout at one time.
    • It is unknown if the boy with the blue shirt, yellow hair and triangular nose was meant to be Dustin in the final version (although it seems likely as in the first episode prior to Dustin's first appearance, Dustin has a more pale color and has a blue sweatshirt), as he somewhat resembles like Phineas Flynn from Phineas & Ferb, by the nose.
    • Mrs. Bernstein only appeared in the pilot as an early incarnation of Ms. Baker, who be first seen in "Pretty Great Day with a Girl".
    • The online design of the show were less notable and had a little detail compared to the finished version.
  • This was later re-released as "Pilot Expansion", which it had an alternative beginning and ending and also featured Hit The Piñata part.
    • However despite in the pilot, Jeff was determined to likely hit the pinata, unlike the latter, which he doesn't know how.


Clarence Sneak Peek Clarence Cartoon Network03:51

Clarence Sneak Peek Clarence Cartoon Network

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