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Kids: [Chanting] Nature Kate! Nature Kate! Nature Kate!

Clarence: everyone was going 'Yay! Yay! Yay! Yay!' Then there was, um, um, the rhino guy came back! And he was part man this time. And he had the snake, and it was on fire, and he was using is as a spear. And then she picked us up and jumped right off the cliff! And we were just falling, and falling, and falling, and falling, and and but then she had a parachute! And Kate's face was on it! [pauses] It was amazing!

Jeff: That never happened.

Clarence: Yes it is, sumo was there! Right sumo?

Sumo: Yea I remember that. Kate's awesome.

Josh: Well, I'll let them know. Okay, be careful out there. [Quickly] I love y- [cuts off] huh? Her phone must have cut out.

Clarence: You should've been there.

Josh: Bad news guys. There's a baby goat caught up on Peeper's Peak. Kate was called to wrangle is back down. Sorry guys, hike's cancelled.

Kids: [sadly] Aww.-Aww, man.-I was really excited for that.

Josh: Right. So I'm gonna call all your parents and- [cuts off] Hey!

Percy: hey, mister? Where's Nature Kate?

Josh: [Annoyed] I just told you.

Clarence: Um, why did you tell Kate that you love her?

Josh: We're involved romantically. It's pretty serious.