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Ms. Brenda Shoop is a supporting character and one of antagonist in Clarence who is first mentioned in "Honk"; her first appearance is "Puddle Eyes". She is a teacher at Aberdale Elementary.


Ms. Shoop is a large woman who has short blonde hair and wears a blue dress printed with green and yellow flowers. She is also short and overweight.


Ms. Shoop is inattentive and irresponsible to the students, in "Average Jeff", she wears headphones, reads a book, and drinks soda while the students misbehave. She seems to take accidents too far especially seen in Lil' Buddy, when she punished Clarence for making Reed accidentally trip (and apparently cried because of the Lil' Buddy doll seems to scare him), while in "Lost Playground", she took out all of the playground equipment with something for toddlers just because Camden tripped and accidentally popped his cheek. Brenda also seems to prefer inside rather than outside due to being raised like that. She is also shown to be very grumpy and mean, compared to Ms. Baker's personality who is kind, caring and friendly.


  • In "Average Jeff" she was seen reading a book called "Tints of Brown" which is most likely a parody of "Fifty Shades of Grey."
  • As we find out in Lost Playground, her mother, Millie (owner of Millie's Movers and Millie's Scrapyard), was a former employee of Aberdale Elementary and never let her play outside during recess.
  • Sam King has said on her Twitter that Ms. Shoop is her favourite character to write for.
  • In Field Trippin' she is shown having motion sickness, as well as a her rivalry to Ms. Lofton.
  • In The Substitute, she stated that she's been teaching for 49 years, however it could be a mistake due to the fact she appears to currently be in her 40's; if she started teaching when she was 18 to 21 years old, however, this would make her somewhere in the range of 67 to 70 years old today.
    • Her mother, Millie, mentions that she told her to get off the playground 30 years ago in Lost Playground.
  • She is similar to Ms. Finster from Recess, Coach Gills from My Gym Partner's a Monkey, Mr. Krupp from Captain Underpants, and Ms. Simian from "The Amazing World of Gumball", mainly due to her personality and behavior.
  • She becomes somewhat more prominent in Season 2.
  • She appears to be the opposite of Ms. Baker with many differences:
    • Shoop is short and fat, Baker is taller and thinner.
    • Shoop is mean and hates children, Baker is nice and loves children.
    • Shoop is irresponsible, Baker is responsible.

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