Merry Moochmas Gallery Transcript

Merry Moochmas is the 38th episode of season 2, the 89th episode overall of Clarence.[2]


Clarence believes that his wish for winter snow in Arizona will come true, but Belson and his cousin are unconvinced.


The episode begins with Clarence sighing because Aberdale has not been seeing snow at all but when the News Reporter joked that a low-pressure cloud over Aberdale will give snow, Clarence immediately got ready and called Sumo, Jeff and Belson.


Minor Characters


  • The episode title name is a pun for Merry Christmas.
  • This is the show's second holiday special, the first being "Spooky Boo".
  • The Cartoon Network website clip of this episode labelled it as "Snow Joke".
  • While the News Reporter was reporting the weather, it showed other states like "Deer Creek" which is 111* degrees fahrenheit, while "Fountain" is 99* degrees fahrenheit.

Cultural References

  • The video game console Belson and Gary are playing resembles the 1996 console, The Nintendo 64.


  • While Mary was eating chips, she put her feet on the table and there is nothing in between the RR chicken nugget box and her feet. But when Clarence ran to get sweaters, there is a funnel in between it. Then when he ran past Chad, nothing is on the table.
  • Chad was taking some jingle bells from a box. But when Clarence ran past Chad, the box is gone.



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