Meg Julep is a minor character in Clarence. She was the substitute for Ms. Baker in "The Substitute".


Meg Julep is nervous, as she unintentionally does stuff that causes chaos, describing that she also may be gullible (as evidenced by Chelsea saying she's Kimby, and Camden saying he's Gilben).

As in Clarence and Sumo's Rexcellent Adventure, she later worked at the museum where she greeted the students who they saw the last time as their substitute, didn't actually remember her of anything.

In Bye Bye Baker, she works for the convienence store as a sole cash register and also able to put in new posters outside the store window, when the storm knocked all of the power out throughout the area, including the store, as nearly everyone were stranded from the store, she displayed an out of character personality as she wouldn't allow them to leave and wound up having to fight against them for all of her troubles.

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  • She may have Generalized anxiety disorder, concerning her personality.
  • Her character design is similar to that of the designs of the characters from Gravity Falls, especially Mabel Pines.
  • In "Flood Brothers", her first name is revealed to be Meg.