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The following page is a list of goofs, mistakes, and animation errors in the series Clarence. NOTE: There is a difference between a goof (a mistake made by the show's writers/producers) and an intentional gag shot (a mistake made by a character, or as a joke or reference).



  • The colors of Debbie's shirt, hair, and shoes change right before Clarence hands out his custom invitations.

Fun Dungeon Face Off

  • When Clarence finishes eating his food, there is a large ring of ketchup around his mouth. Shortly later, when he and Sumo enter the Fun Dungeon, the ketchup ring suddenly disappears. An error similar to this appears in "Plane Excited".
  • When Clarence takes off his shoes before going into the Fun Dungeon and swaps them with a girl's pink pair of shoes, he puts them in the top-right corner. Later on, when the little girl is seen sobbing after learning that her shoes were stolen, his shoes appear to be in the cubby on the right. A few minutes later, when the janitor is buffing the floor, his shoes are now in the middle cubby.

ney Broom Wizard

  • When Clarence, Jeff, and Sumo, look for their prizes at the prize counter, Clarence's shoes are briefly light blue instead of dark blue.

The Interrogation

  • The signatures of Jeff, Chelsea, Belson, Clarence, and Percy in the meatball sauce change consistently.

Plane Excited

  • When Clarence comes out of the plane carrier, his shirt is a darker shade of green.
  • After Clarence eats the bag of Cheezos, there is a cheese ring around his mouth. Just when he begins the countdown, however, the cheese ring disappears.

Game Show

  • During the game show, there are a few shots where Breehn's eyes are black instead of light blue.


  • In the well Jeff (on the bottom), Clarence (above Jeff), and Sumo (above Clarence) fell down in, the dog they found was sent to get help. But instead, Chimney (the dog) brought a bunch of sticks to them as a way to "help". When the boys are seen again in the well, now surrounded by sticks, Sumo and Clarence switched spots. Sumo was now below Clarence. Given that Clarence's size is much to big and bent in a weird position, he couldn't have moved.