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This page lists all of the locations of Clarence (series) that are located in Aberdale.

Place Name Description Photo
Clarence's house Clarence's house is the house that Clarence, Mary and Chad lives at.mClarence's house consists as a one story house, that has an garage, the inside contains an living room, kitchen, and has two bedrooms, ones is Mary and Chad's room and another is Clarence's room, and on the outside has an backyard, that has a tree, an chicken coop.
Jeff's House Jeff House is a home that Jeff, EJ, and Sue lives at. The house contains an garage on the right, the front has a wind chime hanging up, an small bush plant with a pot, a white chair, an satellite, and the house consists one single roof on the left, and another facing front
Average Jeff 26
Sumo's House Sumo's house is a homoe that Sumo, Mel, Tinona, Sumo's Brothers and Sister, and his dogs lives at.It is a trailer park near the mountains. There is a trailer attached to a shack, with a wooden deck and a wooden staircase. By the looks of it, it is in the field, it has no grass, just dirt and weeds, as we can see. There is a satellite dish, possibly for TV.
Aberdale Elementary The Building is a low floor premises that has blue roofs, and pale yellow foundation with windows.
Clarence's Millions 038
West Aberdale Elementary West Aberdale Elementary is secondary and competing school, a similar counterpart of Aberdale Elementary
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