Lil' Buddy

Lil Buddy is the 41st episode in Season 1 of Clarence.


After playing a bit too aggressively with his Lil Buddy doll, Clarence gets a timeout and his worst nightmare comes true – he misses recess and became a school's bully.[1]


Clarence wants his classmates to play with his Lil' Buddy, but when he makes Reed fall, Miss Shoop gives him a 10-minute punishment (5 for what he did and 5 more for talking). Clarence begins to imagine all kinds of things until Miss Shoop tells him that his time ended 5 minutes ago, Clarence gets up to go play at recess, but it ends and the children go back to class, which makes it sad to Clarence. In chemistry class, Clarence does not want to play with the mass. At night, in his house, Clarence accidentally breaks the arm of his Lil' Buddy when throwing it, then he goes to the forest to bury it. Below is a montage of Clarence becoming emo. Belson convinces him that he became great and they should team up, but Clarence ignores him. The next day, Clarence appears disguised as Lil' Buddy and tries to touch Jeff with Lil' Buddy's broken arm, Miss Shoop was about to blow the whistle, but it stops when Belson drops his pants to Clarence, then he gives a big blow on his nose, he also hits Dustin for approving the violence. Later, Clarence has a special punishment in the director's room, there's Miss Baker, she gives Clarence his Lil' Buddy, which makes him happy again, she also mentions that he can have his own break just with Lil' Buddy. Clarence enjoys his own recess, Sumo mentions that they recovered the old Clarence, ending the episode.


Minor Characters


Clarence - Lil' Buddy (Sneak Peek)

Clarence - Lil' Buddy (Sneak Peek)