Clarence "Larry" Jebedriah is a minor character in Clarence. He made his first appearance and major role in "Neighborhood Grill." He was Ms. Baker's blind date.


He is bald, he wears a Hawaiian shirt with a pocket, grey pants, and black shoes. He also wears reading glasses when he needs it.



  • Larry has a poor memory and is usually seen writing down most of his daily interactions, most often in notebooks he carries around with him.
  • In the episode "Ice Cream Hunt", when Clarence is looking at Larry's photos, one photo shows him in military uniform shaking hands with President Nixon, revealing that Larry is a decorated veteran.
  • In the same episode when Jeff opens one of Larry's notebooks, they are revealed to be full of his thoughts throughout the day such as "Tactical advantages to stealth combat. Old MacDonald had 3 farms. Rainy today. Clouds and rain. Sawdust absorbs odor?".
  • In the same scene a song[1] is playing on the radio with the lyrics "I forget things all the time, if I didn't write it down, I'd probably lose my mind". This implies that Larry suffers from amnesia, possibly related to dementia or an injury from his military career.
  • His last name is Jebedriah, as revealed in "The Boxcurse Children".


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