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Jim Reese is a recurring character in Clarence.


Mr. Reese is a tall, large, obese, grumpy middle-aged man who wears a a green shirt, white undershirt and brown pants. He is also balding and has a mustache.


He usually appears in the Detention room for majority of time, he friends with Ms. Baker, however in Honk, he had a bit of a affection for her, as he was giving her the ring in hopes of wanting to propose to her before being was interrupted by Clarence by his honk, in Dream Boat, he deeply cares about his students willing to succeed, especially with Sumo, who succeeded his goal. Although, he personally dislikes Belson due to him always being in detention all the time and for being extremely rude, but however in Dingus & McNobrain, him and Belson kinda got along for at least following after Flood Brothers. In "Freedom Cactus", he seems to like Clarence's Comic, at the point from Ms. Shoop, who was against it, threatened Mr. Reese to censor it, where at the point he saddened about this as he see it unfair,

However in Officer Moody, it shows a backstory of Mr. Reese as police officer as he used to work aside with Moody as she wasn't quite amused of Jim's antics, for example, when Jim tried himself by making a "donut pancake", once he shoved all of the mashed up donuts into his mouth, he apparently choked as a chunks of it landed onto her paper, making her more furious, as he was on police duty and was late to see the grand opening of the new children library, the one mistake he did was he was busy being distracted to his donuts as it caught him off-guard and ended up riding on the ramp, which landed on the other side of the building, he was later fired by Moody herself, following after the incident, as its one of the reasons why he felt like he has no control of the students, especially Belson.


  • Reese is voiced by Donovan Patton, Who played Joe in Blue's Clues Season 5-Season 6. and voiced Bot on Team Umizoomi.
  • In "Dream Boat" it is revealed he was a cop for about two years. But seems to jump to conclusions when he can't figure out a case.
  • Also in "Dream Boat", it is implied that Mr. Reese truly does care for his students, as Sumo's 'dream' brings him to tears.
  • In "Detention" it is shown that he easily succumbs to sugar, leading to "sugar crashes", Also known as "hypoglycemia.
    • Same thing happened for the second time in "Big Boy.
  • He is one of the few characters originally voiced by Skyler Page to not be voiced by Spencer Rothbell, however in Straight Illin, he was voiced by the latter for only one time before being voiced Donavon Patton.
  • He initially started out as a minor character but when Season 2 came around he became more prominent than in Season 1.
  • in "The Substitute", it's revealed that his first name is Jim.
  • He was able to use his rear to break open the handcuffs.
  • In "Dare Day", he once had a dog named Bandit, who died shortly, presumably after he was fired from the force afterwards.
    • However it is unknown if Beans, a dog from the short, is actually belongs to him.
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