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Percy: My name is Percy, and we know each other from class.

Percy: (sings) Thanks for coming, always!

(Gilben stares at Percy)

Percy: I have a ball collection.

Percy: So do you want to see my ball collection or what?

(Gilben stares at Percy, unmoving)

Percy: OK.

Percy: I have my favorite balls on this ball wall.

(Percy grunts to get up and reach his "ball wall")

Percy: This is a tennis ball, and a basketball, and a football.

Percy: The football has an egg shape, but there's no bird inside. 'Cause when I sat on it for two hours, no baby birdies came out of it.

Percy: (pointing to his chest) Ooh, and I have more balls in here!

(Door opens)

Percy's mom: Percy, are you in here?

Percy: (annoyed) Mom, I'm having a friend over!

Percy's mom: Oh, that's wonderful!

Percy: (even more annoyed) Mom, I have a friend over!!

Percy's mom: Nice to meet you . . .

Percy: (groans): uuuurrrrggghh...

Percy's mom: Okay, sweetie, have fun!

(Percy falls from the chest)

Percy: My mom is nice.

(Gilben stares at Percy)

Percy: (rolls an exercise ball) My dad got her this, but she doesn't use this, so I play with it.

Percy: Wanna play with it?

Percy: Just . . . hold . . . on . . .

Percy: Nice and steady . . .

(Exercise ball knocks Percy over)

Percy: That didn't work.

Percy's mom: Everything OK?

Percy: (annoyed) Mom, I'm fine!

Percy's mom: OK, dear.

Percy: Isn't my mom pretty?

Percy: (holds a bouncy ball shooter toy) Maybe you can do this.

Percy: C'mon, don't be scared.

Percy: Hold on to it.

Percy: Now, get the ball in the cup.

(Percy makes Gilben play with the ball toy a little.)

Percy: You're not doing it.

Percy: (picks up a baseball) A baseball looks like it has ants on it.

Percy: One time, I put ants on me, and people believed I was a baseball.

Percy: HEY!

Percy: How did you do that?

(Gilben thinks about what he really thinks of Percy.)

Percy: (trying to wake Gilben up) Um, yoo-hoo!

(Door opens)

Percy's mom: Percy, I made some snacks!

Percy: MEATBALLS!!!!!!

(Percy runs to the kitchen/dining room.)

(Gilben is left inside, and flops the ball toy a little bit.)

The episode ends.