(The episode starts at the park, with people flying kites and riding bikes, a man selling ice cream, a squrill with a nut, toy boats, pinatas. A flock of geese are migrating. The Bradster is seen jogging)

Bradster: (Phone starts ringing. Lenny is calling.) Hey Broster! This is Bradster! What's up?

(Clarence, dressed as a bush, jumps out)

Clarance: Did you think I was a bush?

Bradster: Ahh! Bradster scared! (Starts running away)

Clarence: Sorry! Didn't mean to scare ya! (Giggles) And another satisified customer. (Pulls out a note pad titled "good Hides", and puts a check next to bush) Check! Oh man, hiding is soo much fun! I'm probally really good at it too!


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