Cynthia Noles is a minor character on Clarence. She is the mother of Belson. She made her first appearance in "Lizard Day Afternoon".


Cynthia Noles is the affectionate, friendly mother of Belson. She is married to Mr. Noles, who is absent from the series until he appeared in Company Man, Cynthia explains that he is still around though he "moves around a lot" "Belson's Sleepover". Cynthia is considered wealthy, with Belson falling into the "spoiled rich kid" personality. She buys her son everything that he wants, and in return she is treated poorly. When this is brought up, Cynthia attempts to discipline him, which almost works until Belson gets hurts trying to take out the trash ("Dust Buddies"). Cynthia reverts back to spoiling him and Belson continues treating her like dirt, secluding himself in his messy room where he plays video games constantly. Cynthia believes he is unable to do anything for himself, and settles back into catering to his every need (making his food, washing his clothes, etc.) all the while taking care of the other household chores.  

It's hinted in the series that, because the other kids view Belson as a bully (except Clarence, who considers him a friend), Belson is in fact very lonely, despite having and getting anything he wants and not having much up friends compared to Clarence.


Cynthia and Belson have a very similar appearance. She is pale, though shares with her son a distinct dark-pink nose and curly brown hair that she keeps in place with a blue hairband. Cynthia wears a blue jogging outfit that bares her midriff and pink shoes.


Cynthia is a kind, if not neurotic, woman. She seems oblivious to Belson's poor treatment of her, and is happy to indulge in whatever he wants.


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The Gallery for Cynthia can be found here.


  • When she's making dinner for the boys in "Belson's Sleepover", her right hand only has 4 fingers.

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