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Cloris is the 34th episode of season 2, the 85th episode overall of Clarence.


When Clarence befriends an aging woman at the local retirement home, he's determined to remind her of her old self in order to convert the grumpy granny to his fun loving ways.




Minor Characters


  • Cloris Leachman guest stars in this episode as Cloris.
    • Cloris herself is also named after her guest star.
  • EJ's full name is Elanor Josephine Randell.
  • While clarence is passing by other seniors, the ones that are kissing bear strong resemblance to Percy and Mavis, therefore it is very likely that there one of their grandparents, although it may be unrelated as for example, Percy's Parents do not look as they are related to the character due to some differences.
  • As Clarence and Cloris crosses the street, a street sign named "Neary”, is a referenced to the Stephen P. Neary, the series showrunner.

Character Connection

  • It also hinted that as Clarence mentions that Kimby likes Sumo.

Episode Notes

  • The swimming teacher is based off of Pendleton Ward's (creator from Adventure Time) character designs.


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