Lizard Day Hunt is a online point and click game that was released by Cartoon Network internationally.


It's time to go lizard hunting with Clarence and his friends with this fun new game on Cartoon Network. Play as Clarence, Sumo and Jeff, using your mouse to catch as many of these tricky little reptiles as you can. But be quick, because the night is fast approaching. If you don't catch enough lizards you won't make it to the next level.


The main goal of the game is point and click on the lizard that can be seen on items around them, but when the lizard comes out of the hole, you'll only have about less than 5 seconds before the lizard goes back to the hole, and also there's a time limit that can be seen on the top of the screen, describing a certain amount of time that the player has to reach before it's dark or otherwise, the player loses the game.






Clarence Lizard Day Hunt Playthrough Cartoon Network03:58

Clarence Lizard Day Hunt Playthrough Cartoon Network

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