Bucky and the Howl Gallery Transcript

Bucky and the Howl is the 27th episode of season 2, the 78th episode overall of Clarence.


Sumo joins a musical and Clarence promotes the show, but Sumo catches stage fright on opening night.




  • The title is a parody of the title to the show "Pinky and the Brain".
  • This is the first time Blaide has spoken since the termination of Skyler Page.
  • This episode shows that Jeff is also prone to stage fright.


  • When Ms. Baker persuades the students to go to the play, Guyler's hair disappears.
  • After Sumo enters the gym, Blaide's shorts appeared longer, making it look like he's wearing pants.
  • When the play is about to start, Camden's shirt and pants change to Hershey's color scheme when he was about his age.



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