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Breehn Ho! is the 46th episode in Season 1 of Clarence.


Avast mateys! Clarence and Sumo are psyched to play their pirate-themed board game, Thirty Days and Seven Seas, until they learn Jeff has invited boring old Breehn along. After Breehn gets frustrated and leaves, it’s up to the three scallywags to rescue Breehn from an intense flood.


The episode begins with Clarence and Sumo going Jeff's house while they sing a song of "30 days and 7 seas", there the adults play to ask themselves questions and guess the person, when Clarence and Sumo arrive, EJ calls Jeff to warn him that his friends came, he is slow to arrive, he goes down the stairs and calls Clarence and Sumo to play, in his room, the children prepare, when Breehn says something, Clarence and Sumo are scared not knowing that he was there , he explains why he is at Jeff's house, Clarence and Sumo are not very convinced, but Breehn is willing to "not be serious" at night, Sumo explains that they usually play 3 (Clarence, Jeff and Sumo), but later he allows Breehn to stay for having brought "Cheezarinos", both choose their characters and review the rules of each, Breehn was chosen "Pirate Breehn" as a character, Clarence, Jeff and Sumo will discuss the character of Breehn, Jeff says that "Pirate Breehn" is a terrible name, he apologizes to Clarence and Sumo for inviting Breehn, both go out of the bathroom and start playing, Clarence, Jeff and Sumo have fun and they are lucky with their plays, but Breehn can not make a good play, Jeff gives a tip to play better and keep playing, when Breehn loses two turns, Clarence, Jeff and Sumo go back to the bathroom, Jeff keeps apologizing to them for bringing Breehn, Sumo pulls out a "storm card" and meanwhile, the chainsaw of Chad moves alone because of the rain. When the children lose Sumo and Jeff's they begin to worry, then Breehn saves them and both congratulate him for his game, when Breehn starts to play better, Jeff gets jealous, Jeff wants to propose an "attack plan for the Kraken" but Sumo does not want to hear him because he thinks Breehn is better, but he makes a bad move and the children lose, Clarence and Sumo laughs, Jeff is upset and insulted Breehn for his play, nobody wants to do what Jeff says, he and Sumo start to fight and Clarence is thrown over them, then Breehn gets depressed and leaves the house in the middle of the big storm, but a current carries it dragging, Clarence asks where Breehn is, when he sees he is being dragged by the water, Sumo blames Jeff for that, they keep on peeling and Clarence is ready to save Breehn then the trio go to rescue him, using an old armchair like boat, but breaking it with a rake, Breehn saves them, who was sitting on the roof of a car, he proposes a rescue plan and saves them all, the chainsaw stops with a mattress and both are happy, Jeff apologizes to Breehn for what happened, the children return to the house of Jeff all wet and they complete the game to beat the "Kraken", but when they get nothing, the children play with the mayor to a game of limbo, then Gilben is seen being dragged by the current and the episode ends.


Main Characters

Minor Characters


  • This is the first episode in the series with Breehn's name in the title.

Episode Connection

  • This is the second time that the title card is similar to the one from Where The Wild Chads Are.
  • This is the second appearance of EJ and Sue.
  • This is the third episode with the title slot saying it's own name the second being Chalmers Santiago and the first being Chimney.
  • This is the second episode where Jeff faints, the first being Average Jeff.

Cultural References

  • The famous "Wilhelm Scream" is heard as the kids were playing.

Character Connection

  • The part where Jeff and Sumo fighting would later be seen on "The Break Up".
  • This is also the second episode where Breehn is a major character, the first one was "Dinner Party."


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