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Belson Noles is a supporting character and a antagonist in Clarence. Belson is a bully who's more likely to throw out a sarcastic quip than a punch. A spoiled rich kid, Belson secretly likes Clarence, although he's never admit it.


Belson is a short with bushy brown hair, a round body and wears a red shirt and blue shorts, along with dark navy shoes. He has a unibrow and a long pinkish-orange nose under it.


Belson is usually very rude and spoiled, especially with Clarence and his mother, Cynthia. He'll always try his best and do anything to act cool in front of his friends. In majority of the time, he usually alone, playing with his portable gaming device and less likely around anyone else, including his friends., while most of the kids are less likely to like him due to his personality, could be the reason why, while for Clarence, would consider him a friend than anyone else.


  • Clarence - Belson is rude to Clarence, and bullies him. Despite this, Clarence is still respectful to Belson and seems to appreciate him.
  • Jeff - Jeff seems to dislike Belson for unknown reasons.
  • Sumo - Sumo and Belson hate each other. Belson is likely angry at Sumo because Sumo stole his video game console in "Belson's Sleepover".
  • Nathan - Belson seems to have Nathan as a body guard.
  • Dustin - Dustin is supposed to be a good friend of Belson, until in later parts of season 1 and season 2, he less likely to be with Belson.
  • Percy - Percy is one of Belson's "slaves". They seem to be neutral with each other.
  • Cynthia - Belson does not respect his mother, and seems to be quite annoyed with her, as he slammed a door in her face in "Belson's Sleepover" and refused to take out the trash as she instructed.
  • Mr. Noles - It is unknown whether or not like Mr. Noles ,Belson knows about his father by the appearance, he usually mentioned about his dad in "Honk". However, as Cynthia stated in "Belson's Sleepover", that Mr. Noles always moving around and never got to spend time with Belson.


  • He has 9 buddy stars in "Clarence's Millions".
  • He seems to dislike Clarence, although he becomes a bit nicer towards him in "Zoo" in the end.
  • In "Chalmers Santiago, he has an hideout at the abandoned house that is across Clarence's house, it is unknown if he returns after the episode.
  • His face and nose resembles Bert (Sesame Street), The Robinsons ("The Amazing World of Gumball" ), Sid (Hey Arnold!) and Benson (Regular Show).
    • in addition of it, another character, Nom Nom, a antagonist from another Cartoon Network series, We Bare Bears, who also resembles like Belson by some characteristics and personalities.
  • He lives across Clarence's house in the "Pilot". However this was changed in the series.
  • So far, a running gag in Clarence is that he usually seen playing and/or buying a video game.
  • In one time, he is seen playing a gameplayer along with Nathan and Dustin in "Honk".
  • His full name is Belson Noles which is a pun of the name of one of the former storyboarders of the show, Nelson Boles.
  • In Belson's sleepover he has a figurine of Jake from "Adventure Time" on his shelf.
  • Him, Mavis, and Percy has a body shape that is similar to Uncle Grandpa.
  • In "Company Man, A picture of him as an infant, opposed to the other one in Lizard Day Afternoon, has a head shaped similar to Stewie from Family Guy and Harold and Arnold (also as a infant) from Hey Arnold!.
  • However in "Thirty Days & Seven Seas", a game character name "Tuna Tony", has the slight similar resemblance to Belson, except on some differences.
  • In The Trade, his robe has a monogram that spelt as "B.K.", its unknown if it possibly that his last name may not be either spelled normally as "Noles" or as something else.
  • According to the storyboard art, Belson was originally going to appear in the episode, "Man of the House, only in Sumo's imagination as a spider, which would've be nearly killed by a adult Sumo, however this portion was cut due to be inappropriate, especially in a kids show.
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