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Belson's Backpack Gallery Transcript

Belson's Backpack is the 36th episode of season 2, the 87th episode overall of Clarence.


After an accidental backpack swap, Clarence discovers that Belson is hiding an artistic side, and attempts to foster Belson's creativity.




Major Characters

Minor Characters


  • This is the second episode in the series with Belson's name in the title.
  • If one looks closer on the wall in one of restrooms, There is text saying "I Just wrote on the wall -Percy".

Character Connection

  • This is the second episode to reference Jeff's poor eyesight.
  • This is also the second episode that Clarence had stolen something from Jeff.

Culture References

  • Aquapedia Global It's A Monthly Marine Biological Magazine Based from the Real Life National Geographic Magazine with Hick Square-Bound Glossy Format and Yellow Rectangular Border and its Extensive use of Dramatic Photographs.


  • When Clarence first takes a book from Jeff, The cover already has the dolphin saying "Back off, Loser!" on the cover but later when Belson takes it out of his bag the cover is fresh with nothing on it.



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