Beach Blast Gallery Transcript

Beach Blast is the fourth short of Clarence (series). It was first released on Cartoon Network YouTube channel.


Clarence, Jeff and Sumo are having a great time at the beach! They are doing their own thing until Clarence has the idea that they should built him a giant mermaid body out of sand.


Major Characters

Minor Characters


The gallery for "Beach Blast" can be found here.


  • The Short was first released and Cartoon Network (Arabic) YouTube channel before it was released in the US and other countries.
  • This short, Nature Clarence and Water Park shows Jeff has 5 toes on both feet.
    • But in Jeff's Secret it's shown Jeff was born with 6 toes on the left foot.


Beach Blast Clarence Minisode Cartoon Network

Beach Blast Clarence Minisode Cartoon Network


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