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A Nightmare on Aberdale Street: Balance's Revenge is the 26th episode of Season 3, the 116th episode overall of Clarence. It is the second Halloween themed episode.


Clarence uses a special jack-o-lantern to enter people's dreams, and learns that something is causing his friends to have nightmares.[2]


The episode begins with Clarence in a sleepover with Chad, Mavis and Guyler, soon the 4 fall asleep. Clarence dreams of a monster that sucks on a fun dungeon, but quickly wakes up, so he grabs his pumpkin to see Chad's dreams. There, Chad works with a computer in an office, but this one has many errors and Chad gets desperate, Clarence tries to comfort him by explaining that it is a dream, Chad understands it and starts playing the guitar, but the computer starts to draw a thick liquid, which has a life of its own and walks around the room, at that moment Clarence wakes up and Chad is no longer there, however, Clarence, optimist, believes Chad went to the bathroom. Immediately, Guyler begins to complain and Clarence gets in his dreams to see what happens. Guyler dreams of a cloud of rain tormenting him while fishing, Clarence arrives with a swan and sucks the black cloud, leaving Guyler free. Guyler walks on the water and finds a gummy fish that throws candy at him and then pulls out the thick liquid seen in Chad's dream. At that moment, Guyler falls under the sea and Clarence sees it as a reflection, Guyler lowers his shirt, showing his hidden mouth for the first time. Clarence wakes up and Guyler also disappears, but still being optimistic, he thinks he went to the bathroom with Chad. To his bad luck, Clarence checks the bathroom and there is no one. Then, Mavis begins to complain and Clarence gets into her dreams; Mavis is in Chuckleton's with a lot of people, at that moment, she vomits the same thick liquid and thanks Clarence with a normal voice, that makes everyone be surprised. Suddenly, the thick pink liquid forms Balance, which leaves a piano and takes Mavis, revealing that Chad and Guyler were taken by Balance. Clarence wakes up and intends to fall asleep to rescue his friends. Finally, Clarence falls asleep and in his dreams he finds Jeremy, who teaches him to control his dream. When Clarence finishes his training, Balance appears and takes Jeremy. Clarence starts a war of throwing things at Balance with his mind, but after a few attempts, Balance puts Clarence with his friends in a prison inside his body, Clarence remembers that he can control his dream and manages to get out of prison. Clarence and his friends embrace Balance and disintegrate him, suddenly, both awaken, revealing that the whole episode was a dream. Mary arrives to explain how late it is and the episode ends.


Supporting Characters

Minor Characters


  • This episode aired on the same date as the release of the TV movie, Michael Jackson's Halloween.
  • This episode has a few oddities from one of the characters that appeared in this episode:
    • Guyler for the first time that he revealed his covered mouth, by only goes by the dream itself.
    • Mavis reveals to speak for first time in her dream.

Episode Production Notes

  • The idea for “Pumpkin Portal” is based off a drawing, made by the showrunner, Stephen P. Neary, in 2008 [3]

Pop Culture References

  • The Episode title is a reference to the 1984 and 2010 film, Nightmare on Elm Street.
  • The Ghostly Gap is basically a homage of the Monsger Mash by the late Bobby Pickett Jr.

Episode Connection

  • This is the second halloween theme episode since "Spooky Boo".
  • This is the second time that Balance encounter with Clarence, first since in his self-titled debut episode.
  • The episode marks two years since "Spooky Boo", which was released on same date as this episode.



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